Chapter 24, page 1 – Julie, Wendy, and Mr. Tox

16 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 1 – Julie, Wendy, and Mr. Tox

  1. You are on the verge of losing a customer in one way or another.

    1. Julie’s feedback is indeed not going to help 😁

      1. Not going to help whom? There are three present, and only one of them needs…help.
        Eric Hines

    2. No decent business needs a customer like that
      Hope Wendy refuses to do business with him after this

  2. Mr. Tox? Sounds short for “Toxic” attitude. He seems to be on the verge of an “adjustment”.

    1. while the customer is always right, the seller knows when to “adjust” 😁

  3. Well she was dating mister tick so this is just the rest of the clock she needs to have her sex therapist deal with.

    1. 😂

  4. Avatar


    To quote tattoos from a lesbian Cyberpunk whose name rhymes with Julie,
    “There was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt”
    “we all come from the sea” (I like Julie’s better without ‘from the sea’.)
    And the one that is the most appropriate to the last panel, “I don’t like you”.

    Wendy and Julie must have studied from the Serial Experiments Lain school of electronics:
    Remove anything, like clothes, that can produce static before working on electronic equipment.

    1. Julie is a big fan of that ancient Earthian game 😁, but didn’t quite get the tattoos right. And yes, before working on electronic equipment, they pull down the roll-up door and shed what little clothing they have to prevent electrostatic discharge ⚡

  5. Is it wrong for me to be trying to figure out where Julie’s naval is rather than appreciating everything else?

    1. It’s hard to find isn’t it – Julie wanted it that way (she didn’t like outies, so she had it tattooed) 😁

      1. Is it between the eyes?

        1. Yes

  6. Tox too much.

    1. 😂

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