Chapter 24, page 2 – customer service

Tirin and Wendy's Vacay part 1 and part 2 are now available at the Gumroad store

In a dimension far away, Tirin Prime enjoys life with her pal, Wendy (not the same Wendy in the current story). To celebrate the completion of Wendy's first year in college, Tirin takes Wendy to an island paradise for a vacation she will never forget. In Part 1, Tirin and Wendy play strip volleyball against a couple who want the vacation island all to themselves.  NSFW due to nudity and sexual situations.

In Part 2, after Tirin and Wendy's epic strip volleyball game, Tirin and Wendy experience all of the benefits of a private island paradise owned by one of the richest people in the Universe, Wulong Wusk. As the title suggests, they play with a rare luxurious sex toy, get massaged by a slimy amphibious masseuse, mess around with cute but feral furballs and are gifted a special benefit package by Wulong Wusk herself! NSFW due to nudity and sexual situations.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 2 – customer service

  1. Not sure if it’s just me, but images aren’t really loading (except for the ad), same with the previous page (can still vote as its just the actually image not loading but the link is still there)

    1. Sorry, my site was going through an “optimization” process throughout the night — I am hoping it is working for you now? (can you see the page?)

      1. Yes, can see all the images now 🙂

  2. Oh goodie I can comment again. Cloudflare kept flagging me as a bot. Then when I did verification the verification result would crash before adding my comment to the site.

    1. Sorry about that! I think the site going through optimization process affected that, hopefully ok now

  3. This will certainly not have been Mr. Tox’s last appearance.

  4. Loading just fine, now.
    Eric Hines

  5. Goodness Gracious! Whatever shall the ladies do now? Need they call for a Hero, or will they just seriously Kick Some Ass?!

  6. Should have told him to just fuck off and shopped the droid to the cops.

    1. Given what we’ve seen of the Imperials, I suspect turning in their property to them would result in a nightmare for all involved. That said, it’s probably still better to be one of the ones who turned it in rather than someone who worked on it and returned it to an illegal “owner” if the Imperials found out, but that could be a big if.

  7. Julie may be (more like ‘probably is) headstrong, but she’s not wrong: fuckers like that are nothing but trouble, and things would have escalated soon enough without this show of bullshittery from Toxious Wastewater
    Get ready for his ‘crew’ to show up girls

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