Chapter 20, page 17 – the empty royal station

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 17 – the empty royal station

  1. Isn’t it rich? Aren’t they a pair?
    Billy on the ground and Trina in mid-air.
    Send in the drones

    1. haha love it. can hear ol’ blue eyes singing this

  2. Avatar


    Why is the outpost abandoned? Maybe it’s the giant spooky giant glowing giant green giant skull nebula in panels 1 & 5 that’s sucking up glowing asteroids like a kid inhaling a bag of M&Ms that nobody has noticed.

    I sense a recurring theme. “iMate-y! Board that ship and probe for ASS, Pirate Queen Trina!” She even has the skull & crossbones on her tank top. Coincidence? I think not!

    You wave those doom flags proudly and with all your might, Trina! Saronia will name a half carafe of decaf hazel chocolate chai in your honor.

    1. 😂 YESS!!!

  3. Well, Tirin understands why Trina exists, anyway. Billy got tired of Rosy Palm and her five daughters.

    1. You got it! 🤣

    2. This feels a lot deeper than just that. As he stated, he’s feeling guilty about having Trina. He specifically stayed away from green eyes because that is something special to him about Tirin & she knows it. Tirin recognizes that Trina is a kind of hollow substitute, and, despite her actions to this point, still wants to be *special* to Billy. Tirin is now primed to have some _really_ complex emotions about Billy.

      OTOH, Trina is again displaying an almost charming naivety about things. In fact, there is likely a specific blind spot about Billy and relationships so enable him to move on if he chooses without her becoming a tricked out combat nypho bot with a psychotic break.

      1. Re-reading this chapter, I’m concerned that Trina’s hypothetical blind spot has been illuminated. In fact, she seems downright clingy before meeting PANK & friend. And of course, putting PANK through the door was a deliberate attempt to anger Tirin at Billy.

        Uggh. Fatal Attraction, far future style…

        1. I won’t be ignored, Billy!

  4. @Kiddeagle, @FilledWithLoveAndEvil, @StarFleetCarl. All of your comments deserve their own TWC votes! Thank you!
    @Merceneiress. As always, thank you for creating and sharing.

    1. Completely agree and thank you, Lloyd!

  5. No ominous foreshadowing here, nuh-uh, nope, nosiree.

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