Chapter 20, page 18 – why the royal station is empty

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 18 – why the royal station is empty

  1. That door looks a bit… messy.

    Is she locking it with the drone inside or outside the bridge?

    1. Burn markings? From lasers or other energy weapons?

      The door frame looks like … rust under the painting layer … acidic aerosols maybe?

    2. Next to last panel, console to the right looks like heat or something else has flashed over it. Same with third panel from bottom, as well. The damage on the door doesn’t look consistent with laser / beam weapon damage. (I’ve played WAY too much FO4.) We’re purposely not being shown any faces, either.

      I’m thinking some kind of biological, or directed acid attack with minor splashing at this point. An aerosol would have caused other damage to additional structures, not just the door.

      1. Love Fallout! we shall see more behind the door soon

    3. the drone is inside 😱

    4. good thoughts – we shall see soon

  2. I have binge read all of your comics from beginning to end, no idea what the plot is, no idea who the characters are but it’s a good read 👍 love your work

    1. Thank you!👍

  3. Dis not gud

    1. heehee no it’s not…

  4. It’s The Dreaded Lurgi

    1. haha yes!

  5. 7th panel, bottom right of the door frame, is that tube a pet door for a large snake?

    1. could be…😱

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