Chapter 23, page 15 – piloting the time probe

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 15 – piloting the time probe

  1. Made them out of scatch? I don’t get it.

    1. The scars are claw marks, or ‘scratches’
      She tried a lame pick-up line

    2. It’s normally worded as “You made it FROM scratch” and is basically a folksy cooking reference, meaning you put together a meal, dessert, or whatever from the basic ingredients (colloquially “scratch”) rather than from a mix or meal kit. She was being clever and cute, but there may have been a translation glitch somewhere along the line.

      1. I knew it sounded strange – thank you so much — you’re absolutely right – I’ve corrected it!

        1. Didn’t even notice, but it could have been, as Forrest Davis a translation glitch, or she simply fluffed the saying (it happens even without Universal Translators)

  2. She’s trying to track down her baby(s) daddy(s)? o_O

  3. Should have mentioned this last week, but still…. just kill the creepupper. If he can hack stuff to go forward, he can almost certainly hack to go back. Then it all fails.

    1. He isn’t doing shit except sitting in his cage-box giving Nisho the information she requested

  4. 10/23/23 edit: panels 1 and 6 were changed (Tirinisho had the wrong hair color and costume)

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