Chapter 23, page 14

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  1. We believe the imitation dog’s claim of no consequences to it for cracking security codes because….
    I trust Sariel is redoing/upgrading/has redone/upgraded those codes.
    Eric Hines

    1. Indeed!

  2. Sweet puppy!

    1. 🐶

  3. Avatar


    So Tirinisho begged the dog to train her on how to self-administer a cloneoscopy with a time probe?
    Let’s hope her future odds are better than 1 in 14,000,605.

    It would be nice if we could see Sophie present Wendy with various coping strategies to feel well enough to overcome her post-traumatic stress.
    Multiple sessions may be necessary.

    1. haha, yes a cloneoscopy, but without the need for a major cleanse beforehand.

  4. So, Nisho used the probe to check what would happen to her future offspring and decided it’s betterer to die than simply… not have kids? o_O
    Guessing one of her descendants was that Time Bitch who, ironically, fried her and ensured she wouldn’t have any kids by allowing herself to die

    1. “fate is a fickle bitch that dotes on irony”

  5. Dear, sweet, hatefilled Reny: yes, anyone would have betterer to ask, but would any of them actually give her the help she was asking for?
    The answer is ‘no’, which is why she didn’t ask anyone else

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