Chapter 23, page 13 – You got bit?!

15 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 13 – You got bit?!

  1. And once again, it’s gonna get interesting. I’ve got something better for her to lick!

    1. 😂

  2. Slight name error in panel Torgi: Noshi was the one bit, not Tirinia

    1. aahh! oops! corrected! thank you!

      1. You removed the stake-licking panel 🙁

        1. Gaah! Corrected. I think I need to call it a day haha

  3. Also, is there a reason we can’t see bite-marks? Or is it too small to see (like his dick)?

    1. haha the bite is indeed small and hard to see. But you can see his junk in panel 1

  4. Maybe the brothers think she was licking a steak, something I do myself.
    What residual bite effects are affecting Wendy?
    The pajama-shirts are cute, but when the girls get home, they need another visit to Rinch’s Fashion Boutique. More Rinch!

    1. 👍😁 good question about Wendy…

    2. I think vampires can control what curse will be planted into the victim, e.g. the controlling curse (the one applied to Wendy) and the “make the life a hellish one” curse which got applied to Tirinisho.

      1. Yes indeed! (at least for this vampire)

  5. That explains why Tirinisho didn’t want to be cloned – the clone would have had the Nosferatu signature as well.

    Licking a bloody knive after cutting meat is one thing. Licking a stake with humanoid blood on it is at least strange behaviour, but I assume that’s not the only side effect – Tirinisho probably changed her diet to a liquid source.

    When did Frilengo manage to bite her? The previous pages look like he didn’t had enough time to do; it would also have been noticed by the others.
    Vampire stories state a proper Vampire-killing stake has to be made out of wood or silver. A “printed up” one is made from artifical materials; even if it has wooden appearance it’s not grown and shaped wood.

    1. 3d printers in the future are household items and depending on the model, can utilize various materials such as wood, granite, marble and even metal. The one used at Tirinite headquarters is far more advanced than the average home model. Also, I’ve modified page 11 a bit regarding the bite…

      1. Figured the bite happened off-panel

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