Chapter 23, page 16 – does sex define Tirinisho’s wellness?

9 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 16 – does sex define Tirinisho’s wellness?

  1. Or, maybe, it’s the voyeurism that corrupts her
    And that damn mutt is behind it all!!

    1. voyeurism would have been safer 😁

  2. At least she has chosen all good-looking sex partners.

    1. LOL 😂

  3. Wait, none of the other Tirinite’s noticed something ‘off’ with future Nisho?
    What about the one she was always hanging around with?

    1. Sariel gives all Tirinites the choice to participate in wellness sessions at home or abroad. I’m sure Tirinisho just used the “I want to explore other wellness options on my own” excuse. She continued to work diligently during her Tirinite “shifts,” with no dips in the quality of her work, so no major suspicions could be acted on

  4. Having a prosthetic that is adjustable like that, one would think he would keep it adjusted so as to make the experience last, to give the ladies a reason to keep it going, and welcome his presence. And why would he want it to be that painful. Getting laid regularly seems much preferable to me.

    1. You would think, right? but Bill wanted his prosthetic to feel like the real thing (pain, pleasure and everything in between). He was so excited that someone was willing to have sex with a eunuch that he forgot to turn down the masturbation settings (high stim and sensitivity) 😁

      1. What a doofus!

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