Chapter 24, page 17 – Big Betty fight tips

14 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 17 – Big Betty fight tips

  1. Legit almost snorted at the boob-kata names.

    1. I freely admit, I LOL’d. (Beware the lung hammerlock and the mammalanche!)

  2. Don’t get trapped in the Motorboat Boob Rattle, either.
    Eric Hines

  3. And never ever get boobietrapped in a boobiecane blurp.

  4. Heh, my wife about suffocated me after a hard “ride”,
    I had to lift her up and turn my head! Big boobs are a threat
    in the wrong “hands”. LOL

  5. What about if Wendy ‘Flicks the tips’?
    Or is that an illegal move in unsanctioned back-alley boob-boxing?

  6. Safety goggles.

  7. There comes a day when you realize you are completely over a comic. Instead of continuing a story, we get boob boxing. Thank you for the years of enjoyment, Truly. But wow. This used to be such a good story.

  8. Tornado Tit Smack I get. Milk Hurricane? As Wendy said, “Eww”.

  9. Dear Sum, thank you for reading Merceneiress and for sticking around as long as you have. I understand why you (and perhaps many others who have not commented) are disappointed and disenchanted and I am sorry you feel that way. My wife agrees with you actually. It’s been a strange ride – I never expected this crazy story to be read or enjoyed by anyone so I count myself lucky that it has. My likes, dislikes, views, sense of humor has changed as I’ve gotten older and I think it has been reflected here in Merceneiress. I’m a huge fan of manga and anime and for whatever reason have been attracted to mangas with fan service and this has bled into Merceneiress. I started Merceneiress writing what I liked and I’m continuing to do that. For those who continue to read, I am very happy and for all of you who have come up with your own boob boxing technique descriptions, I love them! I’ve had multiple snorts while reading your comments!!

    1. No worries. As a man once almost said, you can please some of the people most of the time, and you can please most of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time.
      That’s fortunate, too. If we all had the same sense of humor and the same set of interests, we’d be telling each other the same tired jokes about the same tired subjects over and over again. It’s a good story line over the years, and I hope you keep up your tale-telling for many more years.
      Eric Hines

      1. Thank you so much, E Hines! 👍😁

  10. It’s STILL a good story. Damn good, I think. I am appreciating the amusing diversion. We all have essentially mundane lives; sometimes ya just gotta laugh. Even if it’s at yourself.

    1. Absolutely! Thank you Joe!!

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