Chapter 22, page 14 – Cadence strikes back

A few words about phase shiftors and how Billy's camera can allow the goblins to "see" Cadence:  Cadence has a phase shiftor that allows her to evade the human eye (just like Torel and others from the future). However, Cadence comes from the future of the current timeline (not the old timeline where Torel, Sariel and Reny came from). The phase shift technology of this future allows users to be invisible to any of those who don’t come from that future. So Reny, Sariel and Torel are not able to see her. This allows her to remain invisible, but she is still there physically — so if someone were to punch or kick where she was standing, they’d connect. It just so happens that the goblins’ vision is different from humans and they happen to have the freak ability to see the frequency of phase shift that Cadence is using. The saying that the human eye is more advanced than any camera does not apply to many high-end supercameras in Merceneiress’s universe, especially Billy’s nanofly, which captures wavelengths of electromagnetic spectrum beyond what the human eye can see. If someone was wearing gamma ray goggles viewing Billy’s video, they’d see the scene in gamma ray wavelengths, which would look like a wavy confusing mess. If someone was wearing x-ray goggles, they could see x-rays in Billy’s video, but the small amount of x-rays would not allow you visualize much unless the goggles had special x-ray magnifiers that would allow one to see through things. If someone was wearing goggles that could see Cadence’s phase shift frequency, they’d see Cadence (or if you had the eyes of the goblins).  haha, if all that just sounded like blah, blah bullshit that is ok too 😂

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  1. No bs, because the human eye is NOT more advanced than any camera. Heck, you don’t even have to go with high-end cameras from your universe, we already HAVE both high-end AND high speed cameras TODAY that have both better resolution and capabilities than the human eye. It’s simply a portable, or small end, cloaking device similar to, but not exactly like, a Klingon Bird of Prey or a Romulan Warbird uses.

  2. Not this time Time Bitch!!

    Guess the real target wasn’t TirTeen but Sariel… a bad one-night stand?

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    Cadence Strikes Back… on Star Wars Day! Good one!

    Guessing her ancestors can sense her because of the Theory of Relativity.

    1. Hee, hee. Theory of Relativity!

  4. In panel 5 that is the face of evil! I want her dead BUT I’m afraid if she is killed that would prevent Tirin and friends from reversing the damage she has done. Any thoughts on that subject?

    1. Well, remember that Reny is the one who is most used to dealing with events that happen while outside of the timestream. I suspect that it’s almost foreshadowing in Panel 4 that she’s in the perfect position to do a physical attack on Cadence while she’s busy concentrating on Sariel. Then, of course, it’s a simple matter to figure out exactly where in the timestream she HAS already acted, and then take appropriate corrections. This isn’t ‘All You Zombies’ or ‘The Man Who Folded Himself’.

      1. Thank you! that was reassuring!

    2. No, it’s the Face of Ugly

  5. Cadence seems to have some sort of Vendetta going on. Or, maybe she just Likes fucking up other people’s lives. Either way, nasty as she is, she’s a really Hot Chick. Kind of a shame to see her taken out. Gonna take some effort though.

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