Chapter 22, page 13 – Say hello to Cadence

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    … or have they? There is still the betrayer in waiting (witting or not)

    1. Yup…😁

  2. Just one thing about the Patreon Previews: this is actually the 5th preview, not the 4th, next one(s) will be 6

    1. Wow, I didn’t know you could see the names of the preview images — the preview number is reset for every month (so for the month of April there are 4 previews so far)

      1. If you save them you can see the file names 🙂
        You may have forgotten the first 1TierPreview (with Tirin on the table), four panel 5preview and the 6 panel 10preview that included Time Bitch

        1. That is so strange, I cannot find the preview with Cadence? It may have been a preview I posted and then deleted? I looked in my files too — now I am curious, what page is the preview on (my memory is not what it used to be 😄)

        2. Chapter 21, page 23

        3. Ahh yes! that was back in December. So my December folder does have that preview, but with each new month I create new folder and there were 4 previews in April (for April’s Patreon content)

  3. Say hello to my little … foot!

    Actually, capturing her now would allow the rest of the Patreon arc to proceed normally on this page, without the issue of her changing the timeline, especially the last few scenes from it. After all … the cake is a lie. 🙂

    1. I agree. The only thing that may have to be adjusted once the damage from Time Bitch is reversed is for Tirin to appear at the resort (apologies to non Patreon members who won’t know what I am referring to. I suggest you join) to explain to Trina and Billy what happened OR with the time line corrected things will fall into place naturally. That may require some more Patreon pages which would be fine!

      1. Care to explain why you are using this nick?

        1. Hi! I hadn’t thought up a nick name and I saw that most people who are new use Guesticus. I thought I would just stand apart by saying NY Guesticus as in New York Guesticus to sho where I’m from. Later on I may think of another name since I may be posting here more often.

        2. New people are just ‘Guest’, it was only me using ‘Guesticus’ (to distinguish from all the other ‘Guest’s 🙂 ), been using it for a number of years (ten or so? maybe longer) and recently modified it to be more Grecian rather than Roman

      2. Haha thanks for the plug!!

    2. Love it!

  4. Getting back to the action. Just noted Time Bitch’s (Candace) expression of shock which is a reaction to being discovered and then getting a foot in the face plus the bleeding from her mouth. I think she is so arrogant that she thought that this would never happened and now she is in trouble because I think she never thought she would of needed a plan B which she needs now. She is going to be surrounded by Tirin and her crew with Norg holding her down eager to break her neck! She doesn’t have a lot of options. This may become a choice of either she reverses what she has done or is killed? Tirin may not like that but she knows that is an ace in the hole that she can play and I think she is capable of playing that card. Time Bitch didn’t how bad she has messed up and has gravely underestimated Tirin.She is the typial narsisitic sociapath who thinks she is sooo much smarter than all of these silly people. I do think in her shock she is having a revelation that she has made some mistakes. Lastly I hope that Reny gets into the action soon and I think she will be all for ending Time Bitch NOW! Also I hope Morg is not too badly hurt! I would like to learn more about why she has done all of this as well.

    1. Very observant and correct regarding Cadence’s reaction and smarter-than-thou attitude…😁

      1. As long as it would not give away anything that will be revealed in the future can you tell me more about what Candence’s motivations for doing what she has done? Or is it like what Tirin said in Chapter 21 page 31? That some civilizations regard F**king up the timeline of a civilization as a form of sport? If that is the case Candence is evil and maybe worse than Torel! She should be turned into a some small yappy dog like a Chihuahua and get put in the same cage with the Corgi Torel! Oh wait a minute that may be a bad thing!

        1. I’m going to answer my own question to see how close I get. Cadence is jealous of Tirin and is doing all of this out of bitchy spite. Would like to hear from everyone else.

        2. Excellent guess! We shall see… 😁

  5. “No one hurts my brother without my permission.”
    Gotta love that sibling dynamic.

    1. You say that like it’s strange or unusual. To me, that’s the sign of normal siblings. We’ll fight each other, maybe even hurt each other while doing so, but we’re FAMILY. Someone from outside the family hurts one of us, ALL of us pound the crap out of whoever did it.

      1. I usually see “no one hurts my brother but me,” rather than “without my permission.”

        1. haha yes! (the way the Tirinite Riuthonian goblin to English translator interpreted it) 😁

  6. A couple of magic related questions. Can Tirin put a containment bubble (or something that would immobilize her) over Cadence so she can’t use her fire bolts on anyone and can a spell be put on her to have her reveal everything she’s done and how to undo it? I see this confrontation as one of magic vs magic and not brute force but then again Tirin shows that a good round house kick will always get the desired results!

    1. Some excellent scenarios of what Tirin and the Tirinites can do (you know them well!) We shall see!

  7. Steve I need some help with Patreon. I’m getting double billed (partly my fault) from having two accounts. Can you please email me or have some from Patreon reach out to me. I have tried repeatedly but no response. Sorry everyone for putting a business post into the chat. I really need to fix this.

  8. Hm, there are a few things I don’t get with Cadence.

    She had several appearances and one-way interaction with “normal” characters, but they neither felt nor heard Cadence. So I assume Cadence is in some kind of phase-shifted bubble which makes her invisible and inaudible to normal eyes.
    How comes cameras can capture and record her but she’s still invisible to mere humans and only visible to the goblins on the monitors?

    Now Tirin kicks into the air and hits her, felt by Tirin (the “*twack*”) but only seen by Norg who is then disabling Cadence’s camouflage, phase-shift bubble or whatever she uses?

    1. Cadence has a phase shiftor that allows her to evade the human eye (just like Torel and others from the future). However, Cadence comes from the future of the current timeline (not the old timeline where Torel, Sariel and Reny came from). The phase shift technology of this future is not visible to any of those who don’t come from that future. So Reny, Sariel and Torel are not able to see her. This allows her to remain invisible, but she is still there physically — so if someone were to punch or kick where she was standing, they’d connect. It just so happens that the goblins’ vision is different from humans and they happen to have the freak ability to see the frequency of phase shift that Cadence is using. The saying that the human eye is more advanced than any camera does not apply to many high-end supercameras in Merceneiress’s universe, especially Billy’s nanofly, which captures wavelengths of electromagnetic spectrum beyond what the human eye can see. If someone was wearing gamma ray goggles viewing Billy’s video, they’d see the scene in gamma ray wavelengths, which would look like a wavy confusing mess. If someone was wearing x-ray goggles, they could see x-rays in Billy’s video, but the small amount of x-rays would not allow you visualize much unless the goggles had special x-ray magnifiers that would allow one to see through things. If someone was wearing goggles that could see Cadence’s phase shift frequency, they’d see Cadence (or if you had the eyes of the goblins).

      1. Most human’s eyes are quite limited. There are a few stories about individuals having an extra type of photo receptors but that’s nothing what Nature developed for some insects: Segmented vision, polarization to see where light sources are (e.g. the sun behind a cloudy sky), extented range into UV or IR. Some fishes have sensors for electric fields (e.g. sharks) so they can find prey which buried itself in the sand.

        The only thing human eyes have in advance to cameras is the sensitivity – human eyes need very few light to see something to navigate around. Also they adapt quickly to changes in brightness.

        But all these are features modern cameras have as well but I don’t know of any camera which has everything implemented.

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