Chapter 22, page 15

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  1. Don’t let her sacrifice be in vain..

  2. … Personally, was not expecting that move from Nisho…

  3. Looks like Nisho broke her ankle in the first panel: ouch!

    1. No, but definitely dislocated it and stretched the tendons. Lots of nice muscles all tie in together there. I’ve broken an ankle five times over my life.

  4. I feel like Tirin Prime would’ve had a slug thrower of some kind on her belt and would see if something along the lines of ten mm of good old fashioned lead would cause Cadence’s brain to scramble a bit. Either way, as hardened of a mercenary as SHE was – especially with literally the fate of an entire planet at stake – she wouldn’t hesitate to make the sacrifice. Not a dumb question, but what about a goblin with a knife? Just stab the bitch, and quit relying on high tech / magic solutions. Sharp, pointy things can really resolve a lot of issues.

    1. This isn’t Prime, this is the Tirin who didn’t lose her dad

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    Tirinisho CAN’T die yet! She hasn’t met the love of her life! Or at least the father of her baby.

    Darsin + vasectomy = no Cadence = no cure for Little Billy = no Billyonia?

  6. Somebody (or the group together) has to stop Cadence. If they wait much longer Tirinisho will die and Cadence still gets away. That electrical field needs to be shut down now! Wondering if one of the goblins can just break Cadence’s neck?

  7. Like I said, it’s gonna take some effort to take out Cadence. I agree that someone in the group should have a gun, or a plain old knife to do so. Obviously, Cadence has equivalent or better tech, since she is from the future. Sacrifices must be made.

  8. Need more mud in the ladies’ wrestling match. That’ll short out the electrical field, and then the others can break Cadence’s rhythm and finish her.
    Eric Hines

    1. The old ‘How to defeat Colter in the Cola-Cars Arena trick. Gage would approve.

      I like it with the added mud feature!

  9. Simple option: don’t stab from the front, stab from the sides!
    That way they avoid stabbing Nisho

  10. Why isn’t Nisho using a choke hold? Cadence would be knocked out, THEN they could light her up really good.

  11. Fighting in heels is hard, but she’s a pro.

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