Chapter 20, page 8 – Billy and Trina take a nice stroll

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 8 – Billy and Trina take a nice stroll

  1. I would laugh if they get attacked and Trina suddenly has Fembot guns come out her boobs.

    But where’s the camera? I heard that last comment in my head just like from Full Metal Jacket. 🙂

    1. That’s not out of the realm of possibility! 😁 (searching 3D library for fembot boobs…)

  2. Maybe Power Pasties don’t work in this timeline.
    Eric Hines

    1. Wow! Flesh Gordon flashback! Good one!

    2. 😂

  3. How much foot traffic do the girls really expect to get in that location? Maybe by appointment? Or they move around a lot, and their “manager” tells regulars where to go this time.

    1. Yes, I imagine by appointment – those coming from far and wide to be intimate with a Vay (when they used to be forbidden, attracts a lot of intergalactic customers). But not something condoned by the Queen, so can’t be widely advertised.

  4. Wait, is this the old “take the unwanted dog for walkies far far from home, throw a stick and then take off in the car before the dog retrieves the stick” trick, and Billy is going to use it on Trina?

    Or hope they get mugged and Billy runs off expecting Trina to get killed (or dismantled or whatever happens to pleasure bots) and then he can run to TirTeen sobbing about her brutal death, only for Trina to show up later having made friends with the gang and she’s looking for revenge?

    1. Ooh some really good ideas (better than what I have planned haha!)

  5. Looks as if Billy has been assigned a body guard and someone volunteered.

  6. …And so, one terrible line from a movie called Full Metal Jacket continued to be immortalized forever… even in the distant future.

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