Chapter 22, page 22 – Torgi interrogation

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 22 – Torgi interrogation

  1. At least he didn’t lose his wits during all those altering and reprogramming processes!

  2. Once you get the info, Dear TirTeen, then you can T2 his arse!

  3. He’s been programmed to always tell the truth, nothing mentioned about telling everything he knows, let alone pertinent crap… as demonstrated in panel seven
    Get his answers, and then rip his memory data out and cross-reference the two to find the bits he ‘left out’

    1. Yeah, with a manipulative bastard, forced to tell the truth, you’ll get lots of “Darth Vader killed your father”-truths. Yes it’s true. Sort of. In hindsight. Under some interpretation. Just following orders here.

      1. Just remember… Darth Vader did actually kill (as in make un-living) Lukes father… Until such time as Georgie L. thought up the ‘I am your father’ bit and added that little retcon in… As for how much of a truth you’re being told and what sort of omissions can be made by constructive deciphering of the query posed… Yeah, they (pardon the pun) screwed the pooch when they ‘programed’ Torgi… So, now they are forced to live with their mistake, it’s not like anyone could go back in time and manipulate the original programming to correct that now could they?

        1. “The imperator didn’t kill all that was good in you” suggests, that there is a constant “you” over time. Obi Wan either was enormously precognitive or was ok with the possibility that Luke would behead his father. Anyway, it’s a perfect line every actor would love to have. at any prize. And talking about OotS, they did a great piece about shooting yourself in the foot by wording a question too carefully

  4. I could hardly stay serious if I get interrogated and see *that* outfit (Panel 2).
    And yes, that’s a glitch in the programming – Torgi might not lie but it seems he can choose how much of any truth he reveals.

  5. Personally, I’d be out of patience with this creature by now–by any of the nows I’ve been through, potential or realized–and so I wouldn’t waste any more time lines playing dumbass word games with it. Apply Tirin’s solution, enjoy the show along the way, and be done with it.
    And have those memory tapes for ready and easy review when other questions come up, rather than having to play more dumbass word games with it to get those answers.
    Tediously sift through memory data, or tediously sift through word games–the choice is a…no brainer.
    Eric Hines

  6. Didn’t consider the title of this page to be “InTorgiGation”?

    1. good one! 😁

  7. I love everyone’s comments about Torgi — thank you — making me change up the next chapter a little 😋

    1. You created a truly despicable character, but don’t keep him around just for the conflict his mere presence creates
      Personally can’t stand shows (scripted or ‘reality’) that keeps some arsehole around just to keep viewers waiting for their painful demise (yes, including ‘reality’ shows like Survivor… you didn’t think those weren’t scripted, did you? the weak nerd who manages to survive for weeks because they are also an arsehole that viewers begin to hate?), so, when his usefulness to the plot ends (or when one of the ladies finally snaps), please end him

  8. Hey, just FYI, I didn’t get an RSS notification for the last couple pages, the feed seems to be broken.

    1. Hi Starsword, the old merceneiress feed is not being updated — the current RSS feed is
      I have a different account subcribed to it and I am still receiving RSS feed for last two weeks. Is this the feed you are subscribed to?

      1. Ah, that did it. Yeah, looks like Feedbro was seeing the old feed and not the new one.

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