Chapter 24, page 20 – Cadence’s performance improvement suggestion

Summary of Chapter 23 so far:  Tirinisho sacrificed herself to stop the time-fuckery of Cadence who is from the future.  But who is Cadence?  and how is she related to Tirinisho?  Tirinisho told Tirin, Sariel, Reny and the goblins that Torgi would know the answers.  Torgi explains how Tirinisho confided in him, seeking his help to investigate further.  Torgi tells them about how Tirinisho was bit by a Zenithian Nosferatu.  Although the vampire was killed, Tirinisho began to act strangely.  Alarmed, Tirinisho accessed Sariel's time probe - a device that can travel into the future.  Torgi helped unlock the device and helped Tirinisho use it to view what happens to herself in the future.  Tirinisho finds out that her future self seeks pleasure and wellness outside of Tirinite HQ and develops a hunger for human blood --- she is not a vampire because Frilengo, the vampire that bit her, has been killed, but as an unfortunate side effect, Tirnisho has a thirst for blood.  She hides this well and doesn't confide in any of her Tirinite colleagues.  She continues to function as a Tirinite, but she secretly clones herself to help her obtain the blood she needs.  After multiple generations she establishes her own syndicate of clones that farm blood and do other illegal activities to fund their efforts.  

Tirinisho's timeprobe has advanced far into the future, taking her to an encounter of her future self with one of her clones, Cadence.  Cadence has scheduled a combat practice event with Tirinisho in order to make a performance improvement suggestion for obtaining more blood for Tirinisho's blood hungry clones.  The HEX (human extinction virus) has limited their blood supply, but if they storm Tirinite headquarters, they can have full access to time travel by taking over the Uon spice.

13 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 20 – Cadence’s performance improvement suggestion

  1. It sounds as though Cadence is pretty Damn bloodthirsty. If she really wanted an improvement, she would have made the suggestion to eradicate the HEX virus first. At the moment, she seems focused on killing Tirinisho, and taking over the Tirinites. At the same time, she needs Tirinisho alive to help her accomplish her plan. A very tangled web, and the Plot Thickens.

    1. While it would be nice to have Tirinisho help her, it may not be absolutely necessary – oops don’t want to give anything away

  2. So, which of the other clones is about to kick Nisho’s head in?

    1. Good question – we shall see – sorry, slow going getting these pages out 😁

      1. No worries, each page is good and worth the wait (even if don’t like some of what is depicted)

        1. A minute ago (just before replying) the above post had a “Click to edit…” option, but clicking on it didn’t work (ended up on an admin page with an error)

        2. Thank you, do you mean it’s too graphic?

        3. No, not too graphic (another comic ah read had one of the main characters literally rip a villain limb from limb, and then crush their skull), just don’t like seeing bad things happen (even if it needs to happen to progress the story)

        4. 👍

        5. Honestly looks like Nisho put her blade through Cad’s head, but we, unfortunately, know that doesn’t happen 🙁

  3. Little miss Psycho Clone is missing one very important detail: if they storm the THQ and start messing with the Spice, she will then have to deal with Mama T herself!!

  4. Just saw the new ad button, and… TirTeen looks sad (considering Cad is breathing in her ear, not surprised 😛 )

    1. Glad you like it!

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