Chapter 23, page 19 – hex virus and blood farms

16 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 19 – hex virus and blood farms

  1. Okay, so who put the HEX on the hyu-mons in the first place? Little Miss Backstabber, looking at you!!

    1. I’m still looking at Count Frilengula, myself. Checkered flag girl is a much more pleasanter sight.

      (No longer seeing the edit countdown. Did it died?)

      1. Billy Ray died a long time ago (at the time of this fight), doubt it’s him (unless he released the virus as a last gasp act on his death sorta thing)

        The Edit thingie stopped a couple months ago

  2. Panel 4: “Your forget…” should be “You forget…”

    1. One little mistake.
      P.S. I miss the edit timer. What happened to it?

    2. Thank you, what would i do without you all? Corrected 😁

  3. Hmm, I don’t know why that edit comment function is gone — the plug-in is still there in my theme – maybe there is a problem with the updated version. Will try to fix or find a different plug-in. Thanks to all for bringing that to may attention!

    1. Saw it once a couple weeks ago, but the timer was real short

      1. Frustrating – can’t find out why it’s not working 🙁

        1. Well, it’s not the end of the world.
          None of us commenters ever make mistakes, anyway.
          And when we do, it’s our keyboards that mess up, not us. And our meaning is clear in any event.
          Eric Hines

  4. Test comment.
    My comment of 11/20/2023, 6:36 am, doesn’t have a Reply button; my comment from the prior day does.
    However, when I click on that date/time icon, I get this comment button.
    Also: when I brought up Merceneiress in a separate window to see if prior instances of my comments had Reply buttons, I did get an Edit link to today’s 0636 comment. Clicking on that link just brought up a blank page, though, with this URL:
    Eric Hines

  5. Test comment starts a new comment thread, and I have a Reply button. Apparently comment threads can only go so deep….
    Eric Hines

    1. Yups, along with the end of the edit timer, posts seem to have a three reply limit
      Not sure if you can continue to reply to originator post and keep adding to those (each reply to the first allows a two-reply chain), or if it’s three reply buttons total per post

      1. updating theme — let’s see if this works

        1. nope not working. sorry everyone – that plug-in is not working anymore for my site – and I can’t find a good replacement one 🙁

  6. nope not working.
    No worries. What we have is plenty good enough.
    You tell a good story; that’s what matters.
    Eric Hines

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