Chapter 20, page 3 – Trina’s nothing like Tirin!

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 3 – Trina’s nothing like Tirin!

  1. Wait, is Trina a clone or construct of some kind?
    Did he mean he could have requested Trina have green eyes? Or just his date also have green eyes along with the hair and complexion?

    1. Good questions! We shall see soon.

  2. Hmm, did Mirby also get a makeover during the time-jump?
    Is that Mirby? :thinking:

    1. That is her — we last saw her when Tirin was a kid, so she has indeed changed her hair a bit since then

      1. Wasn’t just her hair: she use to look like Anne Hathaway, she looks like someone else today

        And as for the other questions: just like all other questions, don’t expect answers (specially if they would be spoilers), they are usually mostly ‘observations’ (that said, answers are appreciated, even if it’s just a smile 😀 )

  3. I think the bigger question is to look at the history and see why Tirin and Billy didn’t become an item between what we’ve seen in the past – when Billy idolized her, and she tolerated him, but with the attitude that they would end up together – and now.

    1. I don’t really remember how that went down, but I have a sense that a large part of it was, back in the day, Billy was the best possibility around. But, since then, Tirin has had a very significant change in circumstance, such that there are many possibilities now that hadn’t been back then.

      I’d guess something else went down as well, but I don’t particularly remember it. It’s possible that the something else could’ve just been an excuse to explain how a change in circumstance altered the prediction without admitting that the prediction had merely been either manipulation or based on the limited possibility pool.

  4. Tirin matured and moved on as Billy is still stuck in a preadolescent mindset.

    1. Question is: _why_ did TirTeen move on?

  5. Clarification: Mirby? I don’t get that nickname. She certainly is Hot though. Billy should have tapped her.

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