Chapter 20, page 4 – tired of spanking the monkey?

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 4 – tired of spanking the monkey?

  1. And he acted like a stereotypical 1950’s father?

  2. And memories of her father and the queen…?
    Eric Hines

    1. 🤢😜

  3. Avatar


    Tirin has the shared experiences of the older Tirin, though maybe not anymore since the older one left. She should be able to help Billy debug his hard drive.

    Salock, Carlos, and Billy’s imaginary friend: help, hinder, or peanut gallery?
    “No! You’re doing it wrong! Fetch Royal Coitus Facilitator Dabney!”

    Is Billy wearing a pocket watch, the Golden Snitch, or a Star Trek Communicator?

    I like Abby’s new hairstyle and outfit. Panel 2 is nice.

    I see this episode of Space Opera Merceneiress is sponsored in part by DigiCola.
    Queue spit take in 3…2….

    1. I have to be honest, Billy’s ornament was an accident – it’s part of a more elaborate uniform, which I got rid of, but for some reason the ornament (?clasp) that connected the cape with the shoulder stayed. I kinda liked it. I’ll leave it to your imagination what it is (weird pocket snitch communicator?)

  4. Heh, that reminds me of a german (!) sketch about historical facts:

    A pharaoh asks a servant what an “Eunuch” is after he noticed the eunuch’s high-pitch voice. The servant explains what happened to the eunuch and what he can’t do anymore.

    1. Looks funny! I did take German in high school, but hard for me to understand, wish there were subtitles 😃

  5. Abby certainly does have a considerable vocabulary of colorful metaphors for masturbation. I wonder if she has any practical experience?

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