Chapter 20, page 2 – Billy’s guilt

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 2 – Billy’s guilt

  1. Trina? A Tirinite?

    1. Just a horny teenage girl, I suspect. Any resemblance to Tirin is entirely coincidental, and has nothing to do with Billy’s subconscious.

  2. And good to see Eritha survived to remain a (sexy) thorn in TirTeen’s side 😀
    Wait, that is Ol’ Zitface, right?

    1. Yup that’s her!

      1. Did she complete her degree in magicraft?

  3. Take care, Reading Wranbo. Looks like you’re not the only one with a mean high kick.

    I’m a little curious about why T is developing Dabney/Flin eyes lately, but I can wait for the story reveal. (…but not the spice, anything but the spice.)

    1. Yeah, Ren shouldn’t get too cocky, specially if this is before Zitface is revealed to be their next challenge (even more if this is the first time TirTeen has seen Zee in person in years)

  4. Open the airlock? Pressurization skills? Those are two of the most interesting metaphors I have ever heard! I hope Billy doesn’t feel TOO guilty.

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