Chapter 20, page 1 – A man captivated by Tirin’s Ad

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 1 – A man captivated by Tirin’s Ad

  1. Future stalker alert! Future stalker alert!

  2. Aww crap! A jilted ex of PeeTee?
    This… can’t end well

    1. Look at the eyes, wrong type of green, I’m guessing that’s not PT but Dabney copying her form.

  3. Is it just me, or does this douche-canoe resemble John Larroquette?

    1. I’m seeing John Travolta.

      1. Definitely descended from the Travolta genetic pattern

        1. Neither, he looks like that Scandinavian actor
          But he has the lips of James Woods…

    2. haha definitely a Larroquette / Travolta with James Woods lip vibe

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