Chapter 20, page 32 – why did dad send his harem girls?

Is Tirin's plan sound?  What exactly does she expect Trina to do?

15 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 32 – why did dad send his harem girls?

  1. A commando not going commando?
    Trina’s imperviousness will get her close to the Snake Queen from curiosity, from which proximity, Trina will dispatch the Snake.
    As with vampires, will this return the collected souls to the women involved? Will Trina be in time for her teammates?
    Eric Hines

    1. Good points and questions…🙂

  2. “harem girls”? The girls and Trina better didn’t have heard that …

    I guess next week’s episode will be so NSFW.

    1. haha, not very smart of him… don’t want to give anything away, but the next couple of pages will be some “meanwhile” things with the ship and elsewhere…

  3. “Don’t do or say anything stupid.” …
    Well, he ignored that directive quickly. I guess stupid runs in the family.

    1. 😂 yup!

    2. For a trait like stupidity, I think “stumbles in the family” might be more accurate.

  4. Given the skills and interests of our delightful unholy trio, I anticipate their success in extricating his royal rectum from the clutches of these aliens, their freeing of the souls from the Snake Queen, and their long, slow extrication from him of all they need to know. I have utmost faith in the author’s ability to deliver a most delicious repast for us.

    1. So eloquently stated – I hope I live up to your expectations!!

      1. Well, you haven’t failed to deliver something tasty so far…

        1. thank you🙏

  5. Speaking of tasty deliveries… will we get to see a bigger version of Gumroad Wendy one day?

    1. haha yes, she will be the next incentive

      1. Looks great 🙂

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