Chapter 20, page 31 – Prince Jilak held hostage

Should the gals surrender or say screw Jilak? What's happening on Patreon this month?
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31 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 31 – Prince Jilak held hostage

  1. They aren’t there for Jilak. He’s a distraction. Keep shooting.

    1. Point taken!

    2. If he survives, *then* screw him, until he goes doo-lally.

      1. haha! 😁

      2. Bit late for the ‘doo-lally-ing’

  2. Don’t waste time trying to screw Jilak; he probably can’t get it up–such as it is–anyway. Kill ’em all.
    Whozzis’ planet will be better off without him, anyway.
    More seriously, hostages have only the value the ones being threatened give them; they have no value of their own. A dead hostage does the holders no good and (should) angrify the rescuers. The ladies should point that out to Snake Lady and resume killing.
    This is the lesson: never give in, never, never, never, never. We shall not fail or falter. We shall not weaken or tire. Whether Jilak lives or dies will determine only how many of you live or die.
    Eric Hines

    1. “angrify” is a wonderful word. Thank you.

      @merceneiress Thank you for creating and sharing.

      1. No credit to me. That great American philosopher, Satchel Paige, used it long before me.
        Eric Hines

    2. @E Hines – well said — makes sense
      @Lloyd – you’re so welcome and thank you for reading and commenting!!

  3. Shouldn’t Jilak have died long ago for being a perverted piece of shit?
    In fact, didn’t he actually die in TeePee’s original time? Or did he just have his useless man-sausage amputated?

    1. Prince Jilak is the emperor’s son — this timeline is earlier than when original Tirin Prime rescued him from Flin’s gals (so he looks much younger too — not much older than Tirin).

      1. He’s still the same though, right?

  4. Are they going to feed Trina to that bitch first?
    She may not have a shhh, but fairly sure the process used to try and get it won’t leave her in a very good condition

    1. The shhh suggests that doesn’t it 🙂

  5. Screw Jilak. Anyone who abducts ppl to sell as slaves to be soul-sucked deserves to die. Preferably as slowly as his victims did. Hell, I’ve yet to see ANYTHING about this ‘royal’ shitstain of an Imperial family that has any redeeming value. As far as I can tell the universe would be a demonstrably better place if they were all dead.

    1. Completely agree

      Didn’t Emperor Fuckalot try and conquer the Saronian’s just to get that special rock? AND tried to get the Time Spice for himself?

    2. Your argument for screw Jilak is spot on!

  6. Avatar


    Nice bottle opener/wrench/fork/scimitar. He must be the scout leader.

    If the prince dies, the Trilordians lose their bargaining power with the emperor, access to a spaceship big enough to house the portal, and access to more human females.

    So is the prince a prisoner, or is this his kink?

    I like the slow reveal of Lord Durminat.

    1. haha good question (his kink) – more of Durminat will be revealed soon

  7. If the gals had some sort of telepathic link, the correct result is to pretend to care enough to get the others to drop their guard slightly.

    But yes, NEVER negotiate with terrorists, pay the Dane geld, or let a hostage be used against you.

    The best option of what’s actually available? You brought prince Jilak? Great! Now we don’t need to hunt him down!

    1. I agree, how will the gals make the best of this (or will they)?

  8. Prince Jilak isn’t a hostage; he’s a shield. If he lives, the girls get everyone out. If he dies, the girls get everyone they can out, then cause damage on their way out.

    In short, Queen Botch is bluffing, whether she knows it or not.

    1. Yup, she is likely betting that they would never allow any harm to come to their “lord”

  9. Tirin; “There’s just one problem with your scenario. We’re not here to rescue him – we’re assassins sent by his Father to make sure he DIES!”

    1. an excellent counterbluff!

    2. Or, simply, they turn to each other, shrug, turn back and, in unison, say “He’s not our lord!”

  10. so i’m the Devil’s Advocate? wow!
    the drawback of letting the prince die is his father would blame Team Tirin for his death. They wouldn’t be able to lay his death at the feet of a long dead race.
    That being said, He’s scum. selling your own people for your personal benefit is BS.

    1. Good points – agree

  11. Given all of the above commentary/suggestions, I would suggest that the best solution would be to save all living prisoners, including Jilak, in such a way that Jilak is publicly, obviously, & incontrovertibly blamed for all deaths & property damage related to this incident. “The difficult we accomplish immediately; the impossible might take a bit.”

    1. Yes, don’t let him or his daddy, weasel out of this shit-cluster they were responsible for

    2. well said!

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