Chapter 20, page 33 – Darsin’s choice

To call or not to call Sariel?  What will Darsin decide?  And who the heck is the transparent clapper? Now available in the store:
  1. The Trouble with Shara:  Samson has an encounter of a ghostly kind with none other than his former lover, Shara Ren. But is it a dream or is she real? Or is he going nuts? NSFW - must be 18 years or older due to sexual situations/nudity.
  2. Wendy's Summer Job: Ever wonder what happened after Tirin Prime hooked up with Wendy in the other dimension far, far away (after Chapter 18, page 16)? Wendy took Tirin up on her summer intern offer and one day Wendy tells Tirin that she is in debt because of her previous job, working for a guy named Mr. Bizulbow. How can you be in debt working a summer job you may ask? Let's just say that working for that guy wasn't all it was cracked up to be, not to mention the dress code required of Wendy (spoiler: he's a fan of the ancient movie series involving warring stars). You'll receive 4 comic pages (in standard Merceneiress format) as well as 45 individual panels in 4K high resolution! NSFW due to nudity and sexual situations.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 33 – Darsin’s choice

  1. Indeed. Who’s that camouflaged person?

    1. Durminat has stealth agents of her own.

      Either that, or the two races from Let That Be Your Last Battlefield have started producing offspring.

      At least the lights didn’t all turn off when she clapped.

      1. She forgot to sing clap on, clap off, so the lights didn’t go out 😂

      2. Kylo – excellent TOST reference – They’ll be chasing themselves across the Galaxy for all time.

  2. Aww crap!

    When something whispers in your ear not to contact someone, is the time you contact that someone!!!

    1. You would think! 😁

      1. Nope, nope, nope! I don’t care HOW that just happened, you need to get someone in here, ANYONE who is unlikely to be compromised. DO. IT. NOW….

        This guy? This guy right HERE is the comic relief.

  3. Dislike having to ask this, but: has the Tir-bot been compromised?

  4. Avatar


    Will the trio rescue Prince Jilak, haul ASS through the portal, and save their Darsin in distress from being manhandled by this mischievous manicured mystery mistress?!

    Or will Mr. Wonij, with his foresight and sense of time, see right through her and come to the trio’s rescue with spare clothes?!

    1. 🤣 Love it! if he saw what they were doing now, getting them spare clothes would indeed be his priority!

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