Chapter 24, page 9 – Nya

Summary of Chapter 24 so far:

Tirin is back at her weapons shop, concentrating only on building and selling her weapons.  Oscar has come back and laments Tirin's isolation and self-pity.  Tirin states that Reny has gone off to look for Wendy to see how she has fared since the vampire-boyfriend-encounter from Chapter 23.  We find out that Wendy now works at a repair shop and she is late in fixing a droid for a gruff-looking customer named Tox, who is quite angry about the delay, demanding that it be fixed for free.  Wendy counters with a 10% off offer, knowing that the droid is an illegally obtained Imperial droid belonging to the Empire with a veiled threat to report Tox to the Empire if he does not pay.  Julie, Wendy's repair partner, sends Tox away by pointing a gun at his face.  Tox's crew worries that the client who hired Tox to fix the droid may not like the delay.  Tox sends one of his "crew," Big Betty to deal with this issue.   We learn Big Betty may have an influential way with people.  Wendy and Julie worry that Tox and crew will retaliate.  Wendy hires an iMate from the website "Girl Power," which consists of old sex androids.  Julie is worried that a washed-up sex bot is not going to be able to help much against Tox and crew and has called her buddy, Nya to help out.  We learn that Nya is a frequent bar patron with a large debt and agrees to help Julie and Wendy but wants help paying off her bar tab.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 9 – Nya

  1. Her name is Nya? Thought the dude was a cat-person

  2. Avatar


    I was so distracted by Nya’s speech bubbles that I nearly missed Quinn’s reaction when she turned around.

    1. Think she noticed: check out which finger she is using in the following panel 🙂
      Hint, most people tend to point with their index finger

      1. Glad you both caught that!

  3. Actually… Julie has a point: being saved ‘a couple of times’ is worth being a walking ATM, because she’s still around to be a walking ATM (admittedly, there does need to be a limit, but seeing how Nya is being requested for more butt-saving duty, the credit gets extended… again)

  4. Speaking of, how is “Nya” pronounced? Can think of at least three ways

    1. It is pronounced Nye-yah (that’s what she prefers anyways 😁)

      1. Okay, that’s a fourth way 🙂

  5. One of my favorite managers went into IT Security because she really loved telling people no. You could just hear the joy in her voice as she gave them the bad news. I feel like she probably could’ve used a name like Nya.

  6. Corbineezers gonna corbineeze.

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