Chapter 24, page 10 – Tennessee, Bandy and Ephraim

6 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 10 – Tennessee, Bandy and Ephraim

  1. Thought that bald creep looked familiar, and then scrolled down and found the page title…

    1. Yup, he’s back – we’ll see what he’s up to…😁

  2. Speaking of that bald creep: is he planning a coup?
    He had had to work for that pervert Emperor, and now his idiot son? o_O

  3. You can have discretion, by which I mean, no one will trace this back to you, or you can have eyes on what is happening. When this deal was arraigned, I was of the understanding that I was contracted because of my ability to keep you out of this. If you want to change the arrangement that is fine, but you must agree that should this be traced back to you, I am in no way responsible.

    Seriously, the client here is gunning for first-class idiot.

    1. Agreed

  4. The role of Bandy played by Sean Gunn, via motion capture.

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