Chapter 24, page 8 – Big Betty

14 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 8 – Big Betty

  1. How’s her lower back?
    Eric Hines

    1. haha reinforced with cybernetic implants

      1. Even so, when she ages and tries to walk, those things are going to break her knees by banging against them.
        Eric Hines

  2. I see the gist of the connotation “Big Betty”. Quite the Voluminous posterior. And a Huge Rack! In addition, I can “fix” her back, if need be.

    1. The front and rear balance each other out, making it easier on her spinal cybernetic supports

  3. … Has all her stats gone into charisma? Or is she just mentally fucking with the hobgoblin?

    1. No, as pointed out in ‘Grrl Power’, hobgoblins are more accurately smaller than goblins (not bigger), Tox is more like an ogre (too ugly to be a troll)

      1. Ogres are very proud about their uglinees and stupidty. (at least in Xanth.)

        1. Classic!

  4. *Somebody* bought a hefty option package for their iMate. Something tells me she doesn’t use threats to motivate.
    Julie’s rounding up her team. Wendy’s hiring former sex workers. Do I smell another romp brewing? Will we learn how Kurmwood got his name?

    1. all the ingredients for a fun romp! haha we’ll have to ask Kurmwood

  5. Is little Miss Zombie-borg (Zomborg) jealous? And if so, of whom? Please don’t be of Bouncing Betty, that would be disgusting :ill:

    1. haha Bouncing Betty! that’s a better name

      1. More like Wobbling Betty. Perhaps Jiggling Betty.

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