Chapter 24, page 7 – New Emperor and Tox crew

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 7 – New Emperor and Tox crew

  1. The pharaohs gave very similar speeches at the beginning of their reign.

    1. So do Presidents (they share the same fate)

  2. Something tells me ‘Big’ Betty is ironically named…

    1. As long as she does full frontal.

  3. Panel 3: “encofcement”? Probably meant “enforcement” there. If it were remotely stretchable, I’d put it down to the idiot on screen living down to that label (yes, I know that’d get me tortured, but I’m not sure he’s competent enough to know he’s been insulted), but that one’s a stretch too far.

    1. oops, corrected (but agree with you — was kind of thinking of leaving it in there to demonstrate his level of intellect, but decided against it – he can’t be that dumb)

    2. I dunno. I heard about this one guy, repeat offender. They buried him in encof cement, so I’m told. Cheaper than a regular coffin.

  4. Wow, that’s a pretty thick coat of grease on Tina, there. Was the speeder bike that nasty?

    1. Think she’s a ‘zombie’, or one of the ‘non-living’ (or whatever term they use in the future)

    2. it was a very dirty bike 😁

  5. Avatar


    The new emperor’s new clothes!

    Tina, Trina, Tirin, it’s so difficult to tell them apart. Oh, cyborg, android, and human!

    Is Tina missing the glowing Mitsubishi logo bindi in the second to last panel, or does it only glow when she wants it to?

    1. Darn render artifacts! Thanks for catching that – the Mitsubishi logo is not supposed to be on her forehead 😄

      1. ‘Not supposed to be on her forehead’? So… somewhere else then? Not much flesh not on display for it to be…

        1. it was a strange render artifact (glitch) of the software that kept showing up on her forehead! I corrected it.

    2. Nah, Tina is undead (or ‘ex-living’)

      1. She looks undead, doesn’t she? but she is more of a cyborg who didn’t have the means for a good plastic surgery job, making her look like a ms frankenstein

  6. Emperor Jilak and the Annual State of Dis-Illusion Speech. Not unlike last nights contribution from Sleepy Joe.

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