Chapter 23, page 5 – Reny interviews Wendy

13 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 5 – Reny interviews Wendy

  1. Wendy starts to discover the world.

  2. I’ll have to try that suggestion with my next GF…since I enjoy some variety. If you’re unsure what you like, lets find out together!

  3. “Wham, bam, goodnight, ma’am”? Is that fucker hitting her hard enough she loses consciousness?
    Why is Wendy staying with this shit?

    1. Back in my Air Force days, that mean, “whip it out, shove it in, shoot it off, fall asleep”–totally selfish, but not expressly abusive.

      1. Oh, so an alternate to “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am”?

        1. Yeah–the one where you don’t even say “thank-you”.

  4. Heh, Reny is really getting into the role, with that tablet-tossing in panel two 🙂
    And ‘feeling you’ is why she’s there 😉

  5. Nice guys finish last. they make her come first.

  6. The last two word balloons may be the saddest exchange I have ever read. Poor lady.

  7. Avatar


    Wendy politely pretended not to notice Tirinisho surreptitiously and seriously Jill-ing off to Miss Wranbo’s cleavage.

  8. Did the clipboard land in hammer space?

    1. Possibly the bed

  9. Not bad. Someone here should start a line of teddy bear merc.

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