Chapter 24, page 5 – Oscar’s back

12 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 5 – Oscar’s back

  1. Tirin’s face doesn’t look quite as mature as usual. She almost looks like a teenager. Is it the closeup?

    1. Hmm, maybe so – it’s the same model I’ve been using

    2. This is Tirteen, the Tirin who got to have a father
      Her face had a bit of an ‘adjustment’ at one point (magical this time, not explosive)

      1. Yes, but several years have passed since she went out on her own.

        1. Tirteen hasn’t changed physically since then though
          Talking about after the timeskip when she dumped Billy and found Reny

        2. Sure as Hell looked like she did.

        3. I had to go back in the archives to see if I mentioned Tirin’s age — we are first introduced to grown up Tirin back in Chapter 16 page 39. We learn that Tirin is training her Tollewon, Reny who was considered 16 years old (but we all know she was actually 1218 years old) and later there is a scene where Reny says something like I want to be my real age, 18, just like you Tirin, but I modified that page — Tirin is older than 18, but not by much, about 21. After she got her faced (and body) “fixed” up magically by Mara in Chapter 18, I’ve been using the same model since then.

        4. That ^ was what was referring to
          Tirteen is just the name personally use to differentiate between PrimeTirin (Or PeeTee) and the Tirin who got to grow up with a dad (can’t remember what the young Tirin ended up being called)

        5. Thank you for the clarification.

  2. Oscar’s front as well.

    1. haha 😄

    2. Color him gold, have him stand on a little pedestal holding a sword… yeah, I can see it.

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