Chapter 20, page 13 – Altruistic Science Scholars

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 13 – Altruistic Science Scholars

  1. I finally just figured out that Reny reminds me of Alita from the movie, I suspect primarily due to the size of her eyes.

    Also, hey, we’re having some universe leakage! Can’t have an alternate universe without someone being aware of the Prime Universe, can we?

    1. I agree – the big eyes are like Alita’s — Reny’s model is an “anime” version of Daz Studio’s Genesis 8 figure.

    2. Her eyes aren’t quite Alita size 😛

  2. “ASS” … “we prefer not to use that acronym” … hehe 🙂 .

    Looks like Reni got some history or timelines messed up.

    1. She was using her knowledge base of ASS 1200 years from now (she forgot to retro-adjust for that fact)

  3. Maybe if you mention whether the colonists are male or female, that might get TirTeen’s attention faster

    Also, hadn’t PeeTee already dealt with that wet-stain? Or was it his father she dealt with and saved the wet-stain?
    Time travel is confusing!

    1. Haha, yes, she saved Prince Jilak in the previous timeline

  4. Avatar


    To quote Spider Man, Mantis, and Drax,
    “What exactly is it that they do?”
    “Kick names, take ASS!”
    “Yeah, that’s right.”

    Reny can tell us if their odds of winning are better than 1 in 14,000,605.

    1. Ha! Yes! Love that line! Reny could, but that was the old timeline. New timeline might be harder to predict the odds.

  5. A couple of days ago I realized…

    Billy boy REALLY has not thought things through. He’s got a synth for a girlfriend now. One with combat mod & realistic emotional response. Exactly WHAT is he going to say to Tirin that doesn’t cause one or both of them to come unglued in a weapons shop?

    I’ve defended him for not being combat trained. And if, as it seems likely, he’s under the effects or after-effects of a spell, there is some window room here, but… Billy’s about to enter comedic relief territory…

    1. I watched Three’s company a lot long time ago — had a lasting impact on me I guess

    2. To be fair, Billy has lived largely in the realm of comic relief since he first appeared. He’s only made brief forays into damsel-in-distress, romantic kludge (admittedly a sub-realm of comic relief), & geek/nerd/genius (for effect, rather than comedy).

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