Chapter 22, page 18 – Ejacolatus

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This month's first incentive is a cover shot for this month's installment of Tirin and Wendy's Vacay

Tirin and Wendy's Vacay enters it's final sunset and who best to spend it with? Why none other than the island's owner, Wulong Wusk, who likes Tirin and Wendy so much that she offers them the Megaelite pleasure package.

The epilogue to Reparations continues as Billy, Trina and Liv look like they are going where no one has gone before 

6 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 18 – Ejacolatus

  1. The goblins got a point.
    I wonder if Billy’s jizz is Salock-shaped …

    1. Unless Steve decides to retcon things based upon your comment, then the answer is no. He’s also devious, only just NOW releasing the epilogue to us.
      And I’m glad you made your comment, too. Somehow or other, I’d managed to not save that frame and the second one after it. (Best 4.27 GB on my HDD! – my novels and everything I have saved relating to them for research is less than 900 MB. Text files take up SO much less space than pictures.)

      1. It’s sort of an exorcism Billy goes through and shaping the “wad” like the ghost which got purged would add some comedy.
        Though, I can understand if this is not going to happen – there are enough XXX comic sites covering joke references like this.

        1. Salock-shaped jizz would have been absolutely hilarious! I’ve been thinking how I could do that with the prop I have — that’d require some work… thanks for the suggestion 😁

      2. Thanks, StarFleet Carl! That 900 MB is pure gold!

  2. Wait, Billy Boy and Etta get interrupted by a ‘Royal Emergency’ and then go missing? Yeah, just a co-inky-dinky, no connections between the two

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