Chapter 22, page 17 – anything except BBQ

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 17 – anything except BBQ

  1. Barbeque can be very good, just inappropriate at this time

    1. indeed, too bad the goblins have been misled

  2. Of course Torgi had something to do with this, even if it was simply putting into Nisho’s head that she was responsible

  3. Yeah, I imagine that even with great air circulation, it smells like someone just smoked both a brisket and some pork, courtesy of the way different human tissue smells when cooking.
    Throw some Billy Sims Sweet & Mild on it’ll be fine. Why, yes, I DO have a macabre sense of humor, thanks for asking.

    1. 😂same as my sense of humor

    2. Long pig is much appreciated in some circles.
      Eric Hines

      1. Hostess at the stand:
        “Donner, Party of 40! Donner, Party of 39! Oh, Donner, Party of 38 …”

      2. And it actually was the name one group referred to another as, so much so that that name is now their official name

  4. Thorikian steak? Raw? Obviously Goblins are not vegetarian. But they like sauce. Wonder if that counts as BBQ.

  5. The floating voting button doesn’t actually take you to the vote page, it takes you to the TopWebcomics’ page for Merceneiress

    1. Fixed – thank you for letting me know!

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