Chapter 22, page 7 – lap dance confession

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This Patreon story takes place after the events of Chapter 15 The Emperor's New Grooves. Sariel visits Sophie and offers her the opportunity of a lifetime --- becoming the Tirinites' Wellness Facilitator. NSFW (mature readers only - age 18 or older please)


16 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 7 – lap dance confession

  1. First she needs to get down from this chair.

    1. 😂 not the most comfortable lap dance chair is it

      1. Well, it could have been a wooden captain’s chair.
        And an armless chair would been as unsubtle as it would have been uncomfortable for the customer while he waited.
        Eric Hines

  2. This just shows what a good person Loretta is, but personally don’t think she has anything to feel bad about: she was protecting not just herself or her friend, but everyone else in that area – people on legit business don’t go there unescorted

    1. indeed

  3. She has obviously come a long way, and had a couple of epiphanies along the way. Kudos! I still hope Billy gets some.

    1. Nearly dying tends to give some people reason for growth
      And she was never a bad person: she, and her friend, didn’t do anything wrong, Billy (the arrogant worm) was in the wrong

    2. haha we shall see 😁

  4. From a $0 tier reader… how does he know she has curse-bustin’ madskillz? She opened no cans of magic in the alleyway brawl. Is it connected to clappy snappy K-Dense diverting the time stream?

    (My hunch was that Billy was going to link up the gun shop bots and compel the Mistress herself to click undo curse.)

    He’s got a lot of influence, arranging all those benefits for someone who has no favor with the queen.

    (…and I’m still chortling over Norg’s “Woohoo! Nekkid human show!” moment, right after their massive overdose of nekkid humans.)

    1. Read the last page: he said he did research on her and that she was the Queen’s former shrink

      1. Thank you. For some reason, page 6 wasn’t appearing for me until today. Norg spikes the “less commentary” volleyball.

        Now I wonder what became of Loretta’s alleyway ally in the brawl. Did she get away with superficial bruising and mild concussion? Did she get special treatment, too?

        1. Fairly sure we saw her in the background at the start of this Chapter

        2. Quite right. She’s there, good as new after the altercation. Maybe she’s another iMate.

        3. Or, they just have very good healthcare, if they managed to patch Loretta up without even scars, a little neck break is simple to fix

        4. Since they can use magic to do body sculpting, fixing non-fatal injuries would be pretty simple.

    2. Billy was promoted to chief scentific advisor of Saronia (chapt 20 page 2), so had gained a little bit of favor with the Queen. During the time Loretta was in a coma, he did some research on her and learned about her former role as the Queen’s former shrink. The Queen probably had some sentimental thoughts about her when Billy asked for help to support her. haha, Norg does enjoy the show, but he does wish he was watching goblins instead of humans 😁

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