Chapter 22, page 8 – you gotta ejaculate the curse

17 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 8 – you gotta ejaculate the curse

  1. So, she’s a pervy time bitch…

    1. 😂

  2. AHA! Now the devious author of the story changes the dialogue slightly, AND throws the first monkey into the wrench! Oh, well, save a horse! Ride a cowboy!

    1. Muwahahaha! (there’s a cute gif of a raccoon wringing his hands and laughing deviously, but couldn’t attach it here for some reason)

  3. Interesting to see how this changes things from the Patreon version. Nice!

    1. I don’t really think it’s actually changing things so much as adding context (and content) that we didn’t get from the Patreon version. I may have saved every Patreon post ever since I’ve been a regular contributor, so I can easily pull up the reference images. (I’d use the one from September 26 as a background on my computer if I was single.)

      1. Ah, that one is coming up (but nanofiltered) 😁

    2. 😁👍

  4. Regarding the invotive: if TirTeen had Loretta’s job right now, she would coat her hands in Icy-Hot 😛

    1. 😄

  5. The Tee with the long ‘normal’ haircut, she’s based on the new model (TirTeen)?
    Or is she not a Tirinite at all?

    1. Only mentioning it because she seems to have a more fuller, rounder, face like TirTeen
      The other Tirinites (including Sariel) tend to have more ‘chiselled’, thinner, faces like PeeTee

    2. The “spicy tees” are indeed Tirinites, and I think the one you are referring to, Tirinisho, is based on an old Tirin model (Chapter 11 page 45 for example). Both of the spicy tees are in the current chapter – Tirinisho’s hair is pink and blue now.

      1. No, the one in the ‘Introducing Sophie’ panel
        Recognized Tirinisho, she’s the one possibly connected (genetically) with the Goblin Boys (and messing too much with that evil Torgi… )

        1. Ahh, yes, she is a Tirinite. She is a biocultural genetic engineer, in charge of cultivating the tirinite clones. Her model is based on an older model.

        2. She’s a cutie, hope we see her in the main comic sometime 🙂

          So, Sophie (and Reny) is the only one there not a Tirinite?

        3. Yes, Sophie and Reny are the only non-tirinites (Dabney also (she was in a patreon tirinite episode))

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