Chapter 20, page 6 – Dabney butts in

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 6 – Dabney butts in

  1. The blue cans look like a local energy drink (not sure if it is made locally or imported), the design at least looks similar

    1. I’m guessing it’s local 😁

    2. Wasn’t there a close-up of those cans in one of the last two, three episodes?
      Or in the vote panels, maybe?

      1. Yes, page 4 showed a generic “cola” on the blue can

        1. oof, I hope it’s infinitely better than the real Cola brand Cola which is the worst thing I have ever drank in my life

  2. Not seeing any Ding Dongs in that vending machine.
    Eric Hines

    1. The Queen became concerned when she noted a high number of her staff compulsively visiting the retro break room to indulge in Ding Dongs. Fearful of mass addiction, she banned them, as well as Twinkies.

  3. Where’s the Twinkies in the snack machine? Those should still be around. I like the Digi Coke. Trivia – the original wasp-waisted bottle was designed by Chapman Root, of the Root Glass company, in Terre Haute, Indiana. When the place closed down, you could find old bottles just buried there. (I may have lived relatively close to it.)

    1. Cool, thank you for that bit of trivia! Now I gotta find some bottled Coke to drink

  4. Nice new invotive
    That reindeer in the background looks like they have seen ‘things’ 😛

    1. Indeed!

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