Chapter 20, page 7 – the stranger arrives on Saronia

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 7 – the stranger arrives on Saronia

  1. I’m certain it’s just a coincidence, but for some reason, the ‘client’ reminds me of John Travolta from ‘Broken Arrow.’

    1. Agree, very Travoltaesque

      1. Nah, use to think he looked more like Mad Mikkelson (, but now he’s looking more like Wes Studi

        And… just having a look at images of Mr Studi (to make sure was thinking of the right guy), he and Mads look like brothers!!

        1. Good point. Mr. Mikkelson is such a great actor – loved him as Hannibal

        2. He does have the hair of “Broken Arrow” Travolta, but definitely the mouth of Studi

  2. TirTeen looks mad in that last Pat-image, sounds like Reny lost 🙁

  3. I’m curious.. what exactly is a “DNA pay”?

    1. I’m glad you asked! It’s a secure way of paying for merchandise in the future by detecting your dna from a fresh tissue sample (whether it’s your cheek or a pinprick of blood from your finger) to ensure your identity. It has to be a fresh sample (so you can’t use someone else’s severed finger for example). Once confirmed then funds are withdrawn from the credit or bank account linked to your dna.

      1. And here I thought it was Do Not Ask pay because this obviously is a shady character being transported by a shady cabby to Tirin the Younger’s shady gun-running op.
        Eric Hines

  4. Mr Travolta would not be talking to a cab driver about hiring an assassin. Especially if you could be identified and validated by your DNA Pay.

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