Chapter 20, page 5 – addicted to love… or is it lust?

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 5 – addicted to love… or is it lust?

  1. Wait, how did TirTeen not know what Bitchlock was doing to (and with) Billy?
    And how was she doing it?

  2. This is kind of a screwed up scenario. The sex drive of a normal teenage male is through the roof. Females to a lesser extent on the average but some are outliers and surpass the boys in this regard. Billy is acting 100% normally. That Tirin finds sex to be “annoying” is a surprise and kind of sad for her. Sure there’s some people who have a low sex drive but in a relationship that’s a handicap and how is it the blame of the partner with a healthy libido? So Billy is expected to suffer an ongoing case of “blue balls”, Terminal Semen Overload, that’s a real thing and not comfortable at all. Little blue bitch is awfully judgemental and not showing very much empathy regarding a serious situation.

    1. Seriously? Yes, blue balls is a thing, but it is not something you get from just abstaining from sex in general, and is in no way serious, ever. People who use idiotic excuses like blue balls to pressure for sex are only a step or 2 above outright rapists. You act like sex is a right, which is simply untrue. The only thing screwed up here is your attitude.
      Having a mismatched sex drive with your partner can be an issue in a relationship, but it is neither one’s fault. You know, unless someone is being disrespectful and trying to back out of an agreement like “just one time before we get married” like Billy is doing here.

      1. If anyone was backing out of the agreement (and not saying anyone was), it would have been TirTeen: she got her sex and refused to follow through

        Billy could have continued to pressure TirTeen (or worse), or hooked up with any number of ‘real’ girls to relieve his ‘urges’, but instead he went with a synthoid (technically not much different than a fleshlight or a current generation sex-doll)

        What was he supposed to do? Become celibate or cut his balls off and hope TirTeen will eventually change her mind?
        She is the only one he has ever been attracted to, does that make him at fault?

        1. Try reading the comic, the agreement was pretending to be married for a day and trying sex once, and she followed through on that. He straight up admits that he was incessant afterwards, which you are ignoring.
          As for what he should have done rather than a sex droid look alike? He directly called himself an addict. That is when you need to get help, not indulge more. As he has stated he feels guilty, so he understands there are problems with his actions at some level.
          Anyway, I was originally responding mostly to the point about exaggerating (both in severity and what causes it) blues balls to guilt people into sex being a terrible thing to do.

        2. Guy, you read far to much into what I posted. I never said or hinted that
          Billy would or did ‘guilt’ Tirin about sex. It’s obvious that when Tirin made her decision and went the celibate route that Billy found other sources for relief. Its a coming of age thing, Tirin was Billy’s first great love and we’re seeing how that plays out. What, should Billy also do the celibate thing? I’ve a bit of a Heinleinesque view regarding sexual interactions between people. That Billy went with an iMate rather than another woman shows that he still hopes to have a full relationship with Tirin. But that’s the thing in coming of age stories. your first love is very rarely your true love. Again, the blue Bitch is totally cold in her regard for Billy and I don’t think Tirin would come down in that way on Billy because of his iMate. Could be, and considering the story so far, that Tirin and Billy are destined to go their separate ways.

        3. Nah, don’t, personally, believe Mirby is being cold towards Billy, she’s talking to him like a longtime friend (also remember that she only revealed herself to him originally, not Lil Tir)

        4. I never said Billy used blue balls as an excuse (though his own description of “incessant” implies he did pressure her excessively).
          My reply to you was about the bad and inaccurate description of blue balls that you provided, which is a false description that has been used to pressure women in real life.

  3. Basically what’s happened is Billy figured out that doing it with someone else is MUCH nicer than doing it with your own right hand, and he doesn’t want to go back to just himself. And he pressured Tirin too much, then found out that in their culture, it’s easy to get a replacement for the pleasure part of things, without realizing because he’s not old enough to know that sexual intimacy is not what actually makes a relationship work.

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    The male versions just have to be called AyeMatey!
    (Brought to you by the letter Aarrrgh!)

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      PIRATED knockoffs are AyeMateys, and have a talent for plundering booty.

    2. Haha! 🏴‍☠️

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