Chapter 23: Intorgiation

The interrogation of Torgi begins. Torgi tells Tirin and Sariel Tirinisho’s story.  We flashback to when Tirinisho sought Torgi’s help in figuring out why she was connected to the troublesome time terror, Cadence.  Tirinisho tells Torgi about the Wendy Mission.  Prior to Tirin building a weapons shop, Tirin invited Reny to experience what Tirinite life was like.  Tirinisho gives Reny at taste of what a typical Tirinite mission consisted of.  A flashback within the flashback tells the story of the Wendy Mission where Reny and Tirinisho must somehow get Wendy out of a bad relationship with a overbearing boyfriend, Frilengo, without time travel or revealing their true identities.  How you may ask?  Make Reny a sex therapist, that’s how!

9 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Intorgiation

  1. Good grief!

    1. 😁another tribute to those old comic book covers that showed something outrageous that doesn’t happen in the story (or does it…)

  2. Boo! Bad Torgi!! Get out of there!!!
    You better not be wagging your tail or that’s not the only thing that will be stumpy!!

    1. 😂

  3. I thought it was supposed to be a cat down there

    1. Corgis are masters of disguise.

      1. They are indeed

      2. Specially when shaved!

  4. Is it safe to return yet?
    Oh, featherbreath! I better wait a little bit more.

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