Chapter 21, page 9 – oh no, it’s stuck!

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 9 – oh no, it’s stuck!

  1. It might have been useful to scout out the opponent’s weak points beforehand …

    1. As Reny said, he’s not a typical Trilordian, mummy lizard has ‘modified’ him

      1. Reny isn’t the only one who aimed for the wrong part of her target’s anatomy.

        1. Indeed. Reny’s knowledge, while encyclopedic (or Googlesque) is only limited to the available literature which does not know all the nuances of the Trilordian culture, much less about their enigmatic Lord

  2. Time for the Science Division to cum up with a cunning plan…

  3. Nice to see TeePee getting her tan on (any sexy tanlines?)

    1. Tirin goes au natural when getting a tan 😁

      1. Butt, tanlines are sexy 🙁

        1. no doubt! 😀

  4. If Tirin can get the ooze working in their favor, this might still be a win.

    1. An excellent point…

  5. “Ooze yer daddy?”
    “The chimera cloning lab forgot to give me a heart.”
    Yank off his sumo belt. That’ll make him let go.

    (Rocks have rectums?) 😕

    1. Even a rock like Triagg’s gotta excrete wastes somehow 😃

      1. Maybe he just erodes.
        Which would make the snake queen’s relationship with him…interesting.
        Eric Hines

        1. 😲 it sure would!😂

      2. Well, they’ve got stones that breathe. I suppose taking a dump wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

        Whoever pulls the blade out now might become rightful ruler of planet Riutho.

        1. 😂 a new legend would be born

        2. Avatar


          Way to go, Reny! Flip the script on those aliens and their anal probes.
          The foolish prince is brave and competent in a fight. I did not expect that.

        3. As an aside, I’ve thought for ages that pulling the sword from the stone was a mythico-poetic image for the discovery of making steel.

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