Chapter 20, page 15 – that’s the Billy I know and love

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 15 – that’s the Billy I know and love

  1. Good to see Billy growing some balls, but… TirTeen is still doing business in their neighbourhood, and they were already leaving her business alone

    1. In fact, they were helping to provide protection for her business: anyone with an escort are legit customers and to be left alone, anyone without an escort are regarded as trouble makers and treated accordingly

    2. Dude, get a better brand of glue. I don’t remember which web comic it is, but there it centers around the activities of a lawless planet. When you arrive at the space port there is this huge sign: “There is no law here. So watch it!”

      In a lawless area, such as where this shop is, you mess with the wrong person, you get wrecked. PANK here messed with a member of the Queen’s inner circle. Billy can quite easily have her jailed & forgotten for her assault.

      As I’ve said before, she’s getting off EASY.

      1. And… that’s me gone

      2. I was thinking that sounded a lot like Buck Godot, and finally found it in the Internet Archive (original site got broken and never fixed):

        1. Love that line – there are no laws here, so watch it.

  2. Avatar


    All this talk of ASS, assholes, and abductions by a spaceship!
    It feels like an elaborate setup for a joke about alien abductions and anal probes.

    Also, I wonder if Reny’s last sentence is slyly referring to a catastrophic time bleed.

    1. 😂

  3. Incentive: Cool cat, looking for a kitty/back of his neck not getting skritchy
    Or something like that. Found his kitty, though.
    Eric Hines

    1. yup 😁

  4. Hey, ‘nother issue with your Gumroad store. I bought the Leeza’s Vintage photography set but the archive is corrupted: downloaded it twice and it wouldn’t extract.

    1. Sorry about that! It was a very large file (maybe too much for Gumroad?) The link I emailed should work (let me know if it doesn’t!)

      1. Yep, that one worked! Thanks!

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