Chapter 20, page 22 – Drone is offline

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 22 – Drone is offline

  1. Like I said–bad touch!

    1. Yup and more bad touches coming up!

  2. FilledWithLoveAndEvil

    If the prince used time travel just for a can of Monster energy drink, he sounds like he’s a teenager. Did he plan to use the gate to raid the same refrigerator 1 minute earlier each trip to drink the same can a thousand times? How did he know so much about the planet and the gate? Who is manipulating him?

    Can we trust Mr. Wonij of the Altruistic Science Scholars not to become (or already be) a bad ASS? If he dreamt about the future, then he can tell them how it ends. Will he share real or fake prophecies? Would Tirin and Reny even listen to spoilers? Will we ever know his first name?

    Will loose-cannon murder-hobot Trina sabotage their negotiations to prove herself to Billy or to fulfill a prophecy?

    1. Which brand of soap are you touting?

    2. …and will we ever find a cure for stones with halitosis?

    3. @FilledWithLoveAndEvil: Good question (how DID he know?) Haha bad ASS, love it. Trina’s destiny is coming up

      @Brother Parvus: Caress?

      @Kylo Stimpy: Listermint stone cold mint

  3. Typo note: “led” not “lead” in panel 7, I think.

    1. You’re right! Thank you! (corrected)

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