Chapter 22, page 21 – you thought of me while ejaculating?

12 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 21 – you thought of me while ejaculating?

  1. No Glove, No Love

    1. No squeeze, no please… 😛

    2. 😂

  2. Sounds like she was already horny anyway. I guess seeing him blow a load got her attention.

    1. yes, that sight triggered some special algorithms…

  3. I just hope they fix her voice box before they get too frisky, no point in making her mute, right? LOL! It could be worse, she could have surgical gloves on…

    1. I agree, she’s gotta get her voice box fixed because I keep forgetting to use the proper font for her speech! panel 5 corrected

      1. That “squelch” at the end is a bit worrisome, is her glove wet from tears or did she squeeze too hard?

        1. Was just about to comment on that (hope it was the latter and she’s still getting use to fine-grip control)

  4. Almost called it last page: only thing missing, is the bop to the nose (*squelch* isn’t quite good enough until we know how mangled things got) and Reny tossing her burger (and the rest of her lunch)

    1. 😁

  5. It’s too tight. If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

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