Chapter 22, page 20 – Trina’s logic and empathy algorithms

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 20 – Trina’s logic and empathy algorithms

  1. Tell me she’s at least going to bop him one on the nose
    “To the moon!”

    1. Either the nose or somewhere else 😁

      1. She’ll bop him for being, well, Billy, but then tell him “Don’t do it without me next time!” and then test out if it worked (and Renny will proceed to throw up her burger 😛 )

  2. Two responses by Trina: With a line like that and that expression, you make it really difficult to underestimate you.
    Or You can read all the books in the library, Billy, but the cheese will still smell after four days.
    Or maybe both as one response. Then Billy responds that Trina wants somebody to fuck, but Billy wants someone to make love with.
    Then she decides she believes him, and she jumps his bones, so long as they’ve got the room for a while longer.
    Eric Hines
    PS: No URL field?

    1. Ah! thank you for pointing that out. Corrected. And your Trina responses are quite accurate 😁

  3. I am totally impressed with Billie’s puppy dog eye skills.

    1. LOL we’ll see if it works

  4. Another possible one line response from Trina.. “Then prove it.”

    1. hee hee yes 😁

  5. Next week’s episode title: Chapter 22, Page 21: Bullshit detector sensor overload

    1. haha 😂

  6. Even Renny isn’t impressed…

    1. indeed perhaps with the burger too 😁

  7. A classical “that sounded better inside my head” moment

    1. yup 👍 Billy is the king of that

  8. For whatever reason the agecheck for the previous page loads off the bottom of the screen.

    1. … what ‘agecheck’?

    2. Do you mean on a phone or ipad?

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