Chapter 21, page 8 – Androids don’t breathe

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 8 – Androids don’t breathe

  1. Reny: “Don’t! Call me!! A little GIRL!!!”

    1. 😁 yup!

  2. Heh, thought the Whom in panel four was tolling for the big guys nut-sack… again 😛

    1. Glad you got that – I was trying to make it look like Tirin escaped by pushing off from his groin, but that was hard to do…haha

  3. I’ve never commented before, but just wanted to say that third panel of Tirin just looking utterly badass while she throws (I thought) something/someone much larger than her had me going. As a lesbian.

    Most of the stuff here is far too male-gazey for me and I watch in car-crash fascination, but Tirin being efficiently destructive with her hair swirling round her head… Mmm!

    1. So glad you liked that! It was difficult to get Tirin’s hair to do that (the hair swirl) 🙏🙏 I agree Merceneiress is male-gazey, but early on there was a fair share of male butts (Shadow) and even the Emperor’s 😄

  4. Heh, never underestimate naked girls. If they don’t mind being naked, they don’t mind fighting in that state. Also, there is no clothing or armor which limits their moves.

    1. Agree never underestimate a naked person!! 😁

  5. iClone Service Writer – Well, the factory warranty only covers defects and failure in performance according to our specs. A destroyed trachea and larynx due to exterior crushing isn’t covered. In addition, we checked her programming, and you’ve made unauthorized modifications to her. That basically voids all the operating system. Her ancillary systems, like the way her toes curl, would still be covered, as an example. You still have the Access port in her COBB, after all.

    That’s for all the guys who’ve modified their WRX’s, STI’s, and other factory ready sports cars to get more performance out of them!, because I could see it ‘going down’ exactly that way when Billie goes to get Trina fixed.

    1. haha yup Billy broke the iMate seal which voids the warranty!

  6. Didn’t Billy install the Heavy Breathing option?
    I imagine Trina’s voice changing like Ian Holm’s after Yaphet Kotto knocked his block off in Ridley Scott’s Alien.

    For a bunch of depleted scientists, the ladies sure snapped out of it quickly,
    and not one protested, “Hey! I was enjoying that!”

    It also appears that future science has made being out of shape a thing of the past.

    1. Yes, indeed, but specifically for members of the ASS 😆

  7. Re your new popup warning at the start of viewing your story:
    “…though maybe not as good the stuff on Patreon….”
    Eric Hines

    1. 😂good point

  8. Why the popup warning?

    1. I guess ‘ze law’ required it. After all, it is darkly hilarious how Prince Shit thinks he’s a hero now and wiffle punches the baddy. It was a good thing I wasn’t drinking my tea when I saw that. It mighta ended up all over my monitor.

      1. @Sleel – glad you weren’t drinking anything (wouldn’t want your monitor to short on account of the Prince) 😁

    2. I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to hide the naked parts of our characters with camera angles and arm, leg positions in this chapter 😅. Merceneiress has always had violence and curse words, but nudity has not been a prominent aspect of this comic, but as this chapter progresses, I think there is no way I will be able to hide all naked parts and I felt I had to put in a pop up warning for any new unsuspecting sensitive surfers that find this site.

      1. Oh, so it won’t be a permanent addition?

        1. It will be permanent as long as violence, curse words and nudity can be found here

  9. Praised be the violence, curse words, and especially the n00dity!

    1. 😂

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