Chapter 20, page 9 – Trina to the rescue

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 9 – Trina to the rescue

  1. Hmm, may be she laid up a bigger bread than what she could bake?

  2. Little Billie still hasn’t learned much about defending himself or those around him. Or much about responsibility and duty.
    First step in Krav is to avoid the fight, if possible. But if forced into the fight, the First Rule is not to duck away and abandon those with you.
    Maybe a different reason Tirin the Younger went her own way.
    Eric Hines

  3. What a pussy… how did this loser ever make it to this age? Oh, yeah… Tirin was protecting his ass up until now.

  4. One would think that with all the adventures Billy had with Tirin, he would have picked up at least some basic combat hand to hand skills. I think that mind fuck went way beyond sexuality and messed with him in other ways. Given his previous experience with Amazons, he would know that his responses to those femthugs are absolutely wrong. I dunno, this just seems out of character for him

    1. Or, it’s completely in character with Billy, and he just hasn’t grown the fuck up in the last ten years or so
      Probably been safe and protected within the Royal Palace this entire time

  5. If I learned something from Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” novels, it’s always a bad idea to attack someone you don’t know. Billy might look like an easy prey, but Trina …

    1. Yups, anyone who remains as calm as Trina does when being threatened by a laser-knife is either way more skilled than you think, or is way too crazy to care

  6. Am I the only one getting strong Emma Watson vibes these last two pages? Anyone?

    1. You mean Trina? Now you mention it… knew she didn’t look like TirTeen, just hadn’t really thought about who she did look like

    2. Didn’t intend for Trina to have Emma Watson vibes, but now that I look at this page again, I can definitely see that

  7. How much are we betting that mysterious “businessman” shows up just in time to intervene here?

    1. Intervene on who’s behalf? Loretta has had her back snapped
      And mystery-man will have his Escort Bot

      Wait, Loretta and friend are Escort Bots, right? Just maybe a different kind of escort service

      1. Wait, got that wrong, Loretta is the Strawberry

  8. I’m not sure I agree with everyone’s ragging on Billie here. I was taught that anything short of a black belt should expect to lose against a knife. (Not a laser blade, mind you, or for that matter a razor.) Even if he had some training, this is not a fight he can expect to walk away from without some sort of combat mod.

    Yes, he’s being a wuss. But civilians SHOULD be seriously scared of enhanced blades.

    1. He’s been on Saronia for how long? Ten years? He hasn’t learnt any defense in that time?
      At the minimum, defensive weapons or gadgets (he’s been the damn assistant to the Defense Minister for that entire time)

      Also, Loretta didn’t pull her blade until after Mask got her back snapped

      Billy knew they were going into a bad part of town

  9. Re-reading this. I cannot believe I missed Trina’s expression in panel 4. OMG!

    Seriously, if you are pointing an enhanced blade at someone’s throat, and the look that you get is THAT look? Take a step back. Lower the blade. Then start singing (

    1. Haha! Glad you noticed – that was exactly what I wanted Trina’s expression to convey! Thanks for the link to that song too – loved it!

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