Chapter 22, page 4 – Humans pay for this?

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 4 – Humans pay for this?

  1. He doesn’t quite get that the female in this scenario doesn’t actually want to mate, she just wants the money she can get out of the male who really does want to mate.

    Well, maybe not in this specific case, but in general…

    1. He is a completely different species, just wait until he sees them eating…!

  2. Yeah, pay for a lap dance, much less $100,000. Never ever in my world. Never understood that or nudie bars for that matter. Back in the day I was far more engaged in the dating scene and seeing where that went. Like minded Grrls, gotta love them.

  3. Since she is allowing him to touch, based on the amount of money he paid, I would venture to say she must be working on commission. She’s a hot broad, but she ain’t worth 100K.

  4. Could Cadence be the yellow-eyed dark-skinned woman lurking in the background? Different makeup, perhaps?

    1. Nah, Time Bitch has no need for disguises, she believes no one notices her unless she wants them to
      If she’s there, she’s lurking in the background like a creeper stalker, she will show up soon enough to whisper crap in Dingle-Billy’s ear

      1. An Billy Fear Ó Dangean? Is cuimin liomsa muintir ó Dangean, agus muintir ó An Blascaod Mór!

  5. I think I’ll never again use the phrase, “beat around the bush”.

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