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  1. Pleasure 45? Is that Donald’s PeePee tape?

    1. 😮I’m behind the times, I didn’t know there was a pee pee tape

      1. Must be for the dog… video of a tree or something.

      2. The tape never existed. The whole thing was fake.

  2. Hope it’s not one of the Candies, but this is a flashback, so completely unsure what is happening…

    1. It’s indeed a flashback as told by Torgi — you’ll see what happens next, but just to clarify, Tirinisho is using the timeprobe in a Tirinite wellness room, kind of like the holodeck from Star Trek Next Gen and someone is rudely interrupting…

  3. You did it! You offed the Candy, shame there are more (even more shame that Nisho’s others clones are no more, some of them were really cute 🙁 )

  4. Avatar


    She changed the channel before the mid-credits scene.
    As a Tirinite, she must know that no one stays dead except Spiderman’s Uncle Ben.
    Also, the angle of the guns don’t line up with either head.

    Can’t get caught watching her embarrassing Only Cloneoscopy channel. Quick, change to the pleasure channel!

    1. haha, indeed she quickly changed the channel as someone is rudely interrupting her timelog session. It’s not shown, but the guns are indeed pointed at poor future Tirinisho’s head. Cloneoscopy 😂 – love it!

      1. Frankly, they should be more concerned about ricochet; especially with automatic weapons. Impossible to control.

  5. Well, the best surprise is NO surprise!

    1. indeed 😁

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