Chapter 21, page 26 – interrogating Mr. Wonij

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 26 – interrogating Mr. Wonij

  1. Who is Trina wanting the threesome with? Or is that a surprise?

    And, kinda getting an idea about what is happening on that Island 😉

    1. Well, if you’re a patreon, you already know, because it’s been one hot damned scene after another! The island was a fun volleyball game. Too bad Brock pulled his back!

      Also – since Morg and Norg have rather large ears, I suggest piercings, to tell them apart.

      Lastly – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

      1. Morg has a slightly ‘wider’ head, and Norg’s is slightly more ‘pointed’, but Tirteen wasn’t even looking so it wouldn’t matter

      2. Thank you so much and that’s a great idea to distinguish between the two. Happy New Year to everyone and your families! Thank you for reading, commenting and supporting!!

    2. There is a third party involved named Liv who was sent to make sure Trina didn’t kill Billy after catching him receiving “healing” from Loretta (it’s a long story 😋)

  2. Wait, when time-rescuing, no time should have passed for them, unless they are saying it took six months to find them…
    So, does this mean they are now six months younger than everyone else?

    1. Yes that’s about right

      1. Thank you, just needed to check
        Time stories get funky like that (but most forget that detail: they haven’t aged, but everyone else has)

  3. Now that is a hot leather outfit!
    Will there be more calendar pics? Asking for SCIENCE!

    1. Do you mean more ASS?

      1. Well, if there aren’t enough Tirinite’s, then sure
        Maybe even Bitchlock in a leather choker (and little else)

        1. 😮😁👍

      2. PLEASE tell me there’s a calendar available!

        1. 😂 I’m working on it! (had to travel to 3023 just to get this one)

        2. How much did it cost in bribes to the Tirinites to bring it back?

        3. an arm and a leg (due to violation of time travel protocol)

        4. Hopefully neither were yours 😛

        5. 😂 no only my third leg

        6. Find a year in the ~3023 period where the days match up to 2023. Actually, according to the Apple Calendar – 3026 is the match (Jan 1 = Sunday and no leap year) for 2023. It could work….. Thanks again for the comic!!

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