Chapter 20, page 19 – Trilordian

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 19 – Trilordian

  1. Now today, class, we will teach you things that will give nightmares to the most hardened of criminal or combat soldiers. Won’t that be fun?

  2. Everything I really needed to know in life, I learned in kindergarten. It’s also where I got my first two Ph.D.’s.

  3. Don’t worry. That’s just SG1 returning through the Stargate…

    1. Ya, reminds me of “StarGate” as well.

      I wonder how much alien cultures have similar concepts of travelling in reality. The fact we didn’t meet them in person (yet) just means we’re too barbaric to them.

      Unfortunately, mankind proves that constantly.

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    Next week, Reny will relate the tale that the various ancient civilizations of the planet Riutho all shared about the legendary Trilordians.
    They are literally the ‘Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies’ trope Game Masters.
    Sometimes the deaths are well-deserved and hilarious.
    Why else would those rocks be on the bridge?

  5. “I thought I told you to dial home?”

    “I did dial home, you just didn’t specify who’s home to dial!”

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