Chapter 23, page 12 – please be made of silver

16 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 12 – please be made of silver

  1. Her concern wasn’t she would hit the wrong hole?
    Or the dangling bell-clangers? That scene from The Bayformers movie on the pyramid, you are welcome 😛

    1. Males normally have only one hole down there in which you can put stuff in easily. The other hole is much more delicate and requires the recipient at least holding still.

      1. Was referring to the one(s) above it

    2. Reny knows her holes 😁

  2. I figured it was made of silver, the only way it would of made sense in the story.

    1. Indeed, i did think of what would happen if it wasn’t silver – would have made for an interesting battle, although probably one-sided 😁

  3. I am just glad the damned thing was actually Silver, and not chrome plating, as I am sure the ladies are as well. Does the Silver allergy actually kill them, or just incapacitate them? Hopefully, it is at least extremely painful! I know he screams in the last panel, but what was done to him is sufficient to cause that on its own. Need more data.

    1. more data coming soon 😁

  4. As far as misting goes, it would of gone along with him, like his clothes. Yanking it out is a yes, it was mainly done to distract him and getting him to let her go. Hopefully giving them time to get a proper weapon into play.

  5. P.S. Every week, a new Tirinite is assigned to care for sex toys throughout the facility, this includes regular polishing to prevent tarnish. The rooms they are kept in have low humidity and the drawers where they are stored have charcoal and silica lining to try to minimize moisture.

  6. Torgi being the perverted psycho yet again, wanting Reny to ‘elaborate on her plan’

  7. Regardless of how much damage the silver is causing him, having his ass be forcibly violated like that has a huge surprise/pain factor. What’s currently going through his mind is “wtf, oh shit that hurts” immediately followed by “OMG, that silver is causing massive PAAAAINNNNNNN!!!!!!!”. Whatever amount of rational thought he had moments ago has now fled his twisted little mind.

    Now all they need to find is a cutting tool to remove his head. I think most people know them as light sabers.

    1. LOL 😂

  8. Did she turn it on first? Would that change the experience significantly?

    1. He’ll die happy?

      1. lol 😂

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